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After several months of preparation, the Sammaish Arts fair took place last weekend at the Sammamish City hall. With over 30 artists (including me) and sun and rain days, I think the fair was an extraordinary experience.

I received many comments and questions. However I will never forget the best compliment I got during the event, when a gentleman assured his wife that my pencil drawings were just big prints of the photoshopped photos. She was a little upset but I was very happy with the comment.

During the fair I was able to meet wonderful people, many interested in commisions, others in lessons, others just wanted to appreciate art. I got all kinds of asks, from putting a whole family of 5 together (which for a 18" x 24" format might be challenging due to space), to drawing dogs, to drawing a car. I am up for any of those challenges!!

I loved the whole experience, from beginning to end; from planning to execution; from Sammamish Nights to the final wrap up of the fair. I hope visitors found it as interesting as I did and enjoyed all the different types of art exhibited.

The photo below shows how my space was setup (yes, I was lucky enough to have a full wall with hanging wires for my drawing)

In the nexts few days I will be posting more information about lessons to start end of October.


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